Chop and Chisel

Chop & Chisel is on a mission to make eating to live well simple for you! We deliver to your doorstep each week or stop into our brick & mortar to grab your meals and a cold brew.

Thankfully, our Chop & Chisel Chef takes it to your tastebuds without you having to put an ounce of thought into your week of eating (well of course other than drooling over the photos of what’s to come while you add to your Chop & Chisel cart and checkout). The Chop & Chisel chef and staff welcome you to become part of our family, grabbing a seat at our dinner table and feasting on healthy, fresh, & local options in the right portions and at the right price. It is a crucial aspect of business for us to emphasize the human element, ensuring that the so-called transaction isn’t limited to three clicks to pick your meals, add to cart, and complete the order. We strive to make the experience simple & positive. We really want to become part of your daily life, creating a successful environment, built for you to thrive.

Caveman Chefs

Here at CavemanChefs, we love to eat, and know you do to! That fact is what drives us.

  • We are devoted to bringing food back to its roots.
  • We are changing the way we eat so we can be healthy in our minds, our bodies, & maintain a healthy planet.
  • We are champions of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and humanely raised meats.
  • We offer the worlds best 100% grass-fed wagyu beef and lamb.  100% Antibiotic and hormone free pork and chicken.  Wild caught Alaskan and verlasso salmon. Local, organic, and seasonal vegetables.